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Since the beginning of the pandemic, researchers studying paradox have seen tensions embedded in the crisis itself, in government responses, and in the day-to-day experiences of the organizational actors studied—from the CEO to the frontline worker. Multiple media outlets have used the word “paradox” to describe the crisis. Therefore, a group of 42 paradox scholars […]
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In this article, we present seven short essays that focus on various aspects of the lived experience during the pandemic crisis through a paradox theoretical lens, providing new insights on the pandemic while also using the pandemic experience to push the boundaries of paradox theory. Bednarek and Lê discuss how the boundary between work and […]
Sharma, G., Bartunek, J., Buzzanell, P. M., Carmine, S., Endres, C., Etter, M., … & Keller, J. (2021). A Paradox Approach to Societal Tensions during the Pandemic Crisis. Journal of Management Inquiry.
The COVID-19 pandemic has consequences that we will continue to face as a society for years to come. The seemingly intractable nature of the pandemic yields many tensions at multiple and interconnected levels—planetary, societal, organizational and individual. Few organization theories are as versatile as paradox to capture such complex phenomena. The nine short essays in […]
Carmine, S., Andriopoulos, C., Gotsi, M., Härtel, C. E., Krzeminska, A., Mafico, N., … & Keller, J. (2021). A Paradox Approach to Organizational Tensions During the Pandemic Crisis. Journal of Management Inquiry.
The COVID-19 pandemic is a massive exogenous shock which reverberated around the world, forcing all types of organizations to change overnight – from the local coffee shop to the international airline. As we try to make sense of the events surrounding the pandemic, one question that has perplexed both scholars and managers alike has been […]
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Organizational paradox offers a theory of the nature and management of competing demands. Paradox theory has its roots in late 1970’s and 1980’s, when management scholars—drawing from a variety of disciplines—established paradox as a core lens through which to understand organizational phenomena. Smith & Lewis (2011) defined paradox as “contradictory, yet interrelated elements that exist […]


Carmine, S., De Marchi, V., Di Maria, E., Galeazzo, A., The Tetris of Sustainability. Business model integrations and sustainability outcomes in hybrid organizations
Today’s social and environmental grand challenges – from the COVID-19 pandemic to the climate crisis – pose pressing demands on business. However, in order to address them and ensure an effective transition to a sustainable economy and society, companies cannot employ business-as-usual actions. Organizations are required to change the way they operate to achieve significant […]
Carmine, S. & De Marchi, V., Tensions in global value chains: Delving into systemic nature of sustainability tensions.
The complexity of sustainability is becoming a key theme in management research and a growing body of studies have showed that organizations have to cope with many trade-offs, tensions and conflicts in their sustainability efforts.  The huge challenges that sustainability poses – e.g., climate change, loss of biodiversity, social inequalities – cannot be totally understand […]
Carmine, S. & De Marchi, V., The Importance of Being Paradoxical: A Paradox Approach to Foster Sustainability.
In addressing sustainability issues, companies face many conflicts between the three dimensions of sustainability (e.g., environmental/social goals and demands versus economic ones). Tensions in sustainability can generate complex challenges for organizations, due to the many different aspects involved—characterized by different perspectives, logics, resources, regulations—and therefore weaken their sustainability efforts. The current study aiming at empirically […]
Carmine, S., Mapping Paradox Perspectives in Corporate Sustainability Research.
Under Review at Journal of Business Ethics In the last years, a paradox perspective is emerging as a new approach to informing corporate sustainability, and scholars are increasingly adopting it empirically. However, the empirical use of the concept of paradox is fuzzy, and more clarity is needed on how to adopt it. To reduce such […]


Carmine, S. & De Marchi, V., Caritas in Difficultate.
This projects aims at exploring the adaptation of social organizations to cope with the social consequences of the Covid-19 outbreak, in the Italian context.  Project stage: Data Collection