I am Postdoc Researcher at the Department of Economics & Management ‘Marco Fanno’ at University of Padova (Italy)

I achieved my PhD in the same University in 2020. I am passionate about environmental and social sustainability.

My research is focused on corporate sustainability complexity, paradox theory and social responsibility. I am interested in the study of corporate sustainability complexity – investigating the role of tensions and paradox approach on firms’ sustainability outcomes; in the study of paradox theory evolution; and in the study of social responsibility – investigating how hybrid organizations manage their dual mission.

I have been visiting at the Department of Society, Politics and Sustainability at ESADE Business and Law School (2019) and at the Department of Management Studies at Aalto University (2020). I presented my work-in-progress at several conferences including Academy of Management, GRONEN, EGOS Colloquium, EURAM.

I am involved in academic life. I have been the Co-founder and Chair (2020-2021) of the first Sustainability PhD Community (Supporter by ONE and GRONEN), and I act as reviewer for international journals (Organization Studies, Business & Society, Organization & Environment, Journal of Business Research).